Monday, January 14, 2008

Macworld 08

So like every other mac fan, I am eagerly waiting for the bloggers to post the keynote tomorrow as well as new products from the vendors. Macworld San Fran always brings back memories of my first Macworld 1997. Of course I had never been to San Francisco before and was in a six car wreck on 101 after being in the state only 40 min. California certainly has a way of welcoming people....(jk). When I was there, the most promising things were Umax making clones, the BeOS running on Apple hardware, and the announcement of the first Radeon chipset. Wow have things changed since then.

I will post here what I think of new products and services as they come out of the expo this week. I am hoping that some of the announcements will relate to the iTunes store and the recent changes at I really want Apple to stay competitive and on top of the download market, they seem to drive innovation here and I'm looking forward to the Big Four learning a thing or two. I would also love to see a revamp of the AppleTV, I think that Apple has something there, but it has kinda been disregarded. This is really the era of video on demand, and I really really want to digitize my movie collection to a device.

I will update as I learn, but I will probably start with the Bento announcement from Filemaker and a few others.