Thursday, August 12, 2010

Weebly: Simple and Easy Sites

 As you can tell, my site has gone through yet another revision. The long and short of it is that I am reducing the number of servers I run entirely. I am shutting down my primary portal site and converting everything to Weebly accounts, both for my clients and myself. 

What is Weebly? I'm so glad you asked. Weebly is ridiculously simple web hosting. Now if you want to run a php application or something in the .NET framework, Weebly is not for you. If you want a simple site, clean, efficient, and gets the job done with very little issues, Weebly is right up your alley.

What Weebly does is allow people, with very little coding experience, to create rich and easy to maintain content driven sites. It includes integration to the paypal shopping cart engine, easy to set meta tags for SEO purposes, and a module based layout similar to most CMS features, allowing more flexibility for those that want to do special things, like my twitter feed on the front page.

Easy part, it's free with a point and click interface. I highly recommend this for anyone wanting a quick and painless site.