Saturday, April 05, 2008

VMWare running XP

So it's 1:15am Saturday morning. I'm sitting here patiently waiting for my XP license to finish installing on vmware server so that I can test the true nature of an absolutely useless install.

Yes I'm trying to run XP in Ubuntu so that I don't have to leave the Ubuntu environment to play Guild Wars...which is about as sad as the 6 hour beer I'm still sipping on at the moment.

Here is my reasoning though. I assume that the 12GB partition I set up in VMWare Server will be taken up by the XP install files (mostly), leaving me just enough room to have the 3gb file and the exe in the directory necessary to play. At the same time I want my cron jobs to keep running, most importantly the script I wrote which tags a keepalive file on several of my dot net nuke installations.

I should probably be running something more than a P4 for all this, but that's just not in the cards atm.

Next Stop is Solaris

Update - Ok so I guess in the early hours of the morning I don't think straight. I walked in to find that all the XP updates had completed. Then I remembered, there is no hardware acceleration for the game.....duh. I don't know why I didn't remember this early this morning.

Silly. On the other hand - I have a really nice XP instance running in Ubuntu now. I could use more ram as I did notice small stability issues when processing large applications.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Google Toolbar 5 - No Firefox Support

I have always been a fan of Google's uniqueness. They astounded me in the late 90's with specific search engines for mac and linux. I found they were browser independent and really didn't cater to one operating system or another. I was happy then....

Later Firefox came out, and once again I could abandon the browsers default in the operating system, and run what I wanted, how I wanted, with whatever functionality I wanted. I was happy again....

I am not happy now....

I find it almost insulting that Google released what is probably the most flexible toolbar in the world, in a IE 6+ only format. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? What happened to the independence Google is known for? Where is my ability to run Firefox 2-3 on Ubuntu and still have all the functionality I need? Why am I finding less and less buttons from the Google gallery for earlier versions of the toolbar?

I wouldn't mind so much if I didn't find my own buttons gradually being taken out of the gallery. I like gadgets too, I use them on my iGoogle page almost entirely, but I run Ubuntu at home and Mac OS X at my work. I am not about to run WINE or Crossover just to run a browser so I can have the newer version of the toolbar.

I guess this means I will have to go back and create buttons for my own needs, and host them, again.

Uncompleted Things

As you can tell, I never did get around to writing about Macworld. Between a job change, home repairs, and just general fence mending, I have been unable to complete several things. I will simply chalk it up to a combination of my ADD as well as general life issues getting in the way.

I see there are still people subscribed to this blog, and I thank you for sticking it out with me. I promise to return to writing about search engines, software, scripting, and seo. I hope to write another one today.

Thanks for not giving up on me. - Chris