Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sun xVM Virtual Box

So once again I needed to access shell scripts for reporting purposes on my XP box at work. Recently the Ubuntu server I was using died horribly and I have not had a chance to setup another one. Today is absolutely no different, I have too many things to do to worry about the hardware.

I tried for about 20 min to get Microsoft VM 2007 to take an Ubuntu 8.04 load. After 20 min of VM errors I downloaded Sun xVM Virtual Box. Talk about working right out of the box. This was intuitive and straight forward.

So now I'm running, without having to pay $189 to VMWare, and without my blood pressure spiking at high levels over MS software that doesn't play well with the other children.

Straight up - get Sun xVM Virtual Box - it works without the headache.