Monday, March 23, 2009

Twitter and Firefox and Facebook oh my

I just spent some time this morning integrating my facebook account with twitter, firefox with twitter, facebook with, and with Google feed burner.

Man that was kinda exhausting....but the work is done and is nice. Since Google syndicated and burns my feed I simply used simplaris blogcast to put my syndication on facebook. I also took the opportunity to link my sms service with twitter, so I can finally have all my information I want syndicated and fed to facebook and my web page on my domain at

Then I installed twitbin to have an easy mashup for firefox, which I now consider one of my must have firefox extensions.

So all in all the linking was kinda a pain, but I think the end result is nice and easy. I like being able to update my status using my sms on my phone, I'm sure when I get around to getting an iPhone it will get even better.