Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lego CAD - LDraw

When I stared dating my wife, I stated up front that I am a geek and a dork. I have a firm grasp on reality (most of the time) but that I am not afraid to let my inner-child out to play. I explained that I still play and work with Legos.

After a while you give up on the large tub of legos and you try to organize. I am currently in this process at home, endless sorting, endless....The results are wonderful. There is one trick though - LDraw. If you have not used Ldraw, go get it. It's a free, community supported application that allows you to digitally layout your lego designs and then have a good idea of the parts and instructions when you are ready to build.

The new versions now have all the Star Wars items as well. This is really nice since I like creating extended universe items in lego. Check it out, it's hours of fun and no more scraping the bottom of a tun for that one piece.