Wednesday, July 29, 2009

DSU and all the things I will learn

So I got my student ID number yesterday, and unless something terrible goes wrong with financial aid (which Lord knows is probable), I am officially a doctoral student.

I am looking over all the things I will get to learn and write and do over the next 6-7 years and I am mostly excited and partially frightened. This is the big leagues and I have been waiting a while to take my shot.

I am really looking forward to learning more about these subjects in information systems than what I have previously done in the past, which most commonly was just enough for me to get a project done or familiarize myself with a subject. I am super excited about getting a real fundamental classroom instruction about security (beyond what I know from the security+), network intrusion, data warehousing, decision processes, and most of all, how to do research in this field.

I have always loved being a student and I am really looking forward to the material and to some degree (let me be honest, I'm not masochistic) the challenges I will overcome to accomplish this.