I value education, not because it helps me financially, rather because I have this craving to learn things. It really is quite annoying at times when I look at the number of books I want to be reading and the number I am actually reading at any one point in time.

I started out in engineering, a double major in computer science and aerospace. I found, as do a lot of people, that my interests had changed over time. My junior year I dropped out of engineering completely and took a three month break. During that time I was introduced to the field of criminal justice through some friend of mine in the martial arts club on campus. I fell in love instantly. Criminology included studies which gave me a variety of interests and fields to really learn. It had technology, crime, punishment, theory, mathematics, trending, sociology, psychology, history, and real world application.

So I transferred what hours I could from engineering to CRCJ and completed my undergraduate a couple of courses at a time while working full time.

“Re-examining the Perceived Relations between Police Officers and Security Personnel,” Law Enforcement Executive Forum: May 2007

Professional Organizations:
UTA Alumi, American Radio Relay League, Civil Air Patrol, Association for Computing Machinery, American Society of Industrial Security, Alpha Phi Sigma, IEEE

I am currently a doctoral student at Dakota State University in the department of Information Systems. I am interested in information system and data security as well as management of information systems. I am truly enjoying my stay at DSU and have found the faculty and staff to be quite helpful. It is nice to be in academia again. I also teach cybercrime and security at the University of Texas at Arlington in the Criminology and Criminal Justice department. 

Graduate Work:

  • School: University of Texas at Arlington (2003-2005)
  • College: College of Liberal Arts
  • Department: Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • Field Emphasis: Security
  • Thesis: Law Enforcement and Private Security: Perceptions post 9/11/01
Favorite Studies:
  • Terrorism on the corporate environment
  • Police Administration
  • Criminological Theory and Application
  • School: University of Texas at Arlington (1992-2000)
  • College: College of Liberal Arts
  • Major: Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • Minor: Geology
  • Major Field Emphasis: Security
Favorite Studies:
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • German

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