Friday, May 30, 2008

New Google Fav Icon

This morning I logged into gmail only to notice a new favicon for Google. Instead of the Branded "G", it is now the branded little "g".

I cannot help but wonder if this is a temporary marketing ploy, a test, or a shift towards a newer , sleeker, more trendy Google.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Ulteo for Windows

I decided to try something new. Since I need some basic Linux functionality at my office, but I am locked in to using Windows, I was pleasantly surprised at Ulteo.

I have the need to run and cron several scripts which I wrote for SEO and SEM purposes. These are custom scripts which I really want to have running with the need (or cost) of an additional server. Normally I would just purchase a Mac and be done with the whole issue. Since the company needed to reduce the costs I decided (with a whimper in my heart) to get a XP machine.

Enter Uleto. The installation was easy, although I do recommend the machine have a good pipe to download either installer. I would also suggest that you have at least 2GB ram, as the installer runs in a virtual machine instance. It also requires you to have registered at the website for their web services, which I didn't mind.

Ulteo links flawlessly (so far) with the windows environment. I get my wonderful bash, python 2.4.3 (kind wished to see at least 2.5 on the install, but I will test upgrading the python core later). The really nice part is that I didn't have to purchase VMware. I like VMware, but for small business, when you need to cut corners, free is better.

Give it a look, you might like it. Here is the link for the windows environment. You want the Ulteo Virtual Desktop. A torrent file is also available although I haven't checked to see how seeded the torrent was in my bit torrent utility.

Have fun!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Outlook 2007, Yep Still Sucks

I have just spent near an hour trying to figure out how to auto save my incoming Google Adwords pdf report attachments into a folder located on my drive. After rummaging through a lot of people's attempts at VB scripting, I am left with the same thought as before.....

Shouldn't a "Premiere Application" of the order and magnitude of Outlook 2007, do this already?

The answer is YES.

I'm not sure that I understand this lack of functionality on the part of Outlook. If I were discussing some other mail applications, like Entourage, Thunderbird, Apple's Mail, or some other smaller email client, I could understand, but this is Outlook folks....the "killer mail application". This is the mail application that is supposed to put all other in their place and make them cry. Yet for me to accomplish something very simple, I need to learn VB or worse just run the VB as a macro?

What? Macro? I thought those days were over....This is the new internet, Web 2.0, fast machines, fast CPU cycles, abundant ram, intelligent UIs, sleek design. Macro? Really?

This just makes me want to weep.