Friday, December 05, 2008

Urchin Link Generator Missing

I noticed this morning that the urchin link generator available from Google is now replaced with a blank page. It makes me wonder what is going on? I cannot find any information about the change at Search Engine Land. I know that the older Urchin software was only going to be supported for a while, but I could swear that the tracking codes were going to have continued support as it was only the javascript which was changing (urchin.js vs ga.js).

I have posted a clean version of the tracking code generator at my site as a mirror. This is not intended to challenge the rights of Google or Urchin, it is simply there because I use the tool.

Perhaps it is just an outage or perhaps they are restructuring the urchin support tabs. The use of this tool reduces the amount of human error though and I would be really surprised at its removal.