Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Update: So Far Behind!

I managed to pull away from work and studies for two stimulating days and drive to San Antonio for the 1st annual ACM SIGSAC CODASPY conference. I learned quite a lot and managed to meet some fascinating academics and practitioners.

The conference itself was good and the papers were a great read. Dr. Sandhu made an excellent keynote presentation about the upcoming challenges in security, especially on application security in a mobile market. I also really enjoyed several of the discussions I had with the presenters. I was also extremely excited to know that my curiosity in certain fields, mainly security related to mobile and embedded devices, seems to be a expanding field. I even managed to meet the author of a textbook I plan on using at my local university in the next year to meet my teaching requirement.

I also walked away having met some fantastic people in the realm of practitioner security. I am now, more than ever, ready to take and pass my CISSP exam. I received a lot of great advice and encouragement from current CISSP holders and was taken up on my offer to assist in the working of the conference next year.

All in all - an awesome experience.