Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fall update 2014

Ok so I'm late to the party on SDR, but I have been busy working on prospectus. I have spent some time getting my home desk and setup back up now that my new desk has been installed. I love it so much. Being tall makes it difficult to constantly have to sit at desks where only shorter people normally operate.

I have my Yaesu back up and operating again and I even managed to program it with a few local repeaters, but with the ducky antenna I do not get a strong signal. I will have to move to a roof mounted dipole or j-pole to get any good signal.

Next up for me is to finish my speaker series at UTA on cybercrime protections and then workout a time to defend my prospectus. My side project will be absorbing anything and everything about SDR in the coming weeks. I will probably reload a small netbook for kali linux and get it ready to do some signal processing as well as begin to look for a larger and more sophisticated base station for home. I think I will also look into moving to a FCC General license.